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Our event that recognizes excellence in theatre education.  Educational Awards include: Bravissimo Choice, Rookie of the Year, Administrator of the Year, and more. Special recognition is also given to our beloved retirees as we induct members into the SDTEA Hall of Fame.  


Bravissimo Choice

Spirit of Bravissimo

Awarded yearly to Theatre Educators who have served their school or community with excellence.  Nominated by administrator or direct supervisor.

2004 Lawrence House, Mark Arapostathis, Kathie Jenuine, David Dickenson, Cinda Christiansen, Garnette Rainey, Shari Lyon, Katrina Peterson, Gregg Osborne, Florine Villane
Mary Patt Hutt, Joan Kloor, Andrea Schuck, Stacy Allen, Kathleen Lawson, Sheryl Lloyd

2005 Charlene DiBelka, Bill Doyle, Kirsten Giard, Dennis Hollenbeck, Tom Richardson, Garner Saguil, Rochelle Schwartz, Ron Wagner

2006 Linda Benning, Belinda Brown, Kevin Day, John Kruckeberg, Linda Kullman, Melissa Moreau, Sharon Strong

2007 Julie Benitez, Diane Cullen, Patrick Garcia, Rich Horne, Lois Shive, Karine Takos​

2008 Joyce Schumaker, Teri Ang, Larry Trouba, Aaron Blocker, Ani Asaro, Linda Sandell, Karin Wilson, Chuck Batchman,  Jennifer Mc Cormick, Mark Scott, Leslie O’Keefe

2009 Stacy Allen, Paul Canaletti, Bill Cobb, Monica Hall​

2010 Ann Lyon-Boutelle, Cathy Hickman, Daniel Kriley, Dennis Shive​

2011 Rob Dellorfano, Kim Strassburger, Terry Miller, Gustavo Rodriguez

2012 Melissa Johnson, Laura Geraci, Cindy Stolis

2013 Ben Cassel, Katie Wilson



Presented to individuals or organizations who have served educational theatre in terms of advocacy or assessment. (Not presented yearly)

2004    Denise Lynne

2008    Denise Lynne, Theatre/Dance Resource Specialist San Diego Unified School District

2009    Marjorie Treger, Theatre Resource Specialist, San Diego Unified

2011    Patti Saraniero, Moxie Research

2012    Brenda Hall, Merryl Goldberg, Patti Saraniero,DREAM Project/Cal State San Marcos

2013    Dr. Liane Brouilette, UC Irvine





Awarded to community members or organizations who serve the theatre education community. (Not presented yearly)

2004    Don Winslow, Noted Author/Director

2009    Steve Mc Cormick, Education Director La Jolla Playhouse

              Roberta Wells-Famula, Education Director Old Globe Theatre

2011    Mark Arapostathis, Teacher/Director: Peter Pan JT/City Council Person

2012    Angela Kanish, San Diego Opera

2013    Sandi Buehner, Student Shakespeare Festival





Awarded by the SDTEA Board to friends and supporters of the efforts of SDTEA events. (Not awarded yearly)

2007    John Witt Board Member, San Diego County Office of Education

2008    Ron Bolles Chula Vista High School SCPA, Sweetwater UHSD

            Beth Duggan, Chair Grossmont College Theatre Arts Department

2009    Lynne Jennings, San Diego Guild of Puppetry

            Alex Sandie, English Speaking Union and San Diego Shakespeare Society

2010    Nancy Giberson, Asst. Superintendent SDCOE

2011    Kirsten Giard, Valhalla High School, SDTEA President

2013    Patrick Garcia, San Diego City Schools Honors Drama Project




Presented by the SDTEA Board in Recognition of his leadership and arts advocacy. (Presented once)

2012    Ron Jessee




Presented yearly in recognition of our retired colleagues who exemplify the highest standards in teaching theatre.

2003    Barry Bosworth, Walt Stewart

2004    Ole Kittleson, Jan Manos, Jack Winans

2005    Jack Tygett, Priscilla Allen

2006    Mike Auer

2007    Mary Ellen O’Mallay

2008    Marilynn Zeljeznjak

2009    William Virchis

2010    Shari Lyon

2011    Kris Mc Clung, Linda Benning

2012    Doug Smith

2013    Dennis Hollenbeck

Awarded yearly to new theatre educators who show a passion and standard of excellence in theatre education.

2008    Amity Ecker, Grossmont High School

            Monica Loebel-Ward

2009    Jim Chatham, Granite Hills High School

            Charisa Childress, Montgomery Middle School 

            Kim Strassburger, Coronado School of the Arts

            Tom Strathairn, San Marcos High School

2010    Jennifer Corso, Vista Unified

            Natasha Ippolitano, Preuss School

2011    Mary Moss, Sweetwater UHSD

            Marisela de la Para, Sweetwater UHSD

2012    Carrin Edwards, Grossmont High School, Grossmont UHSD

            Dena Roncone, Steele Canyon Charter School, Grossmont UHSD

2013    Jenner Veitch, Orange Glen High School, Escondido Unified School District




Awarded to District, Secondary and Elementary administrators who support the arts, and especially theatre in their schools and districts.

2003   Sam Mershon  Assistant Superintendent, Lakeside Union SD
2004   Bill Virchis  VAPA Director, Sweetwater Union HSD
2005   Georgette Torres Principal, Granite Hills HS, Grossmont Union HSD
           Bonnie Drolet  Assistant Superintendent, Encinitas Union SD
2006   Ethel Daniels  Principal, Valencia Park Elementary
           Kris Mc Clung COSA Coordinator, Coronado High School
           Pam Cooper  ROP Coordinator, Grossmont Union HSD
2007   Sue Files  Principal, Vista Academy of the VAPA
           George Arnall  ROP Director, Coronado High School
           Mary Beth Kastan Director of Curriculum, Grossmont Union HSD

2008   Debbie Brenner Principal, Sycamore Canyon Elementary (Santee)
           David Braun  Asst. Principal, Marshall Middle School, SDUSD
           Steve Mull  Principal, Lakeside Middle
           Julie Weaver  Superintendent, Spencer Valley
2009   Kimie Lochtefeld Principal, Dingeman Elementary, SDUSD
           Brian Kohn  Canyon Crest High, Principal, San Dieguito
           Deborah Blow  Asst Superintendent, Encinitas USD
         Lorraine Boyle Asst. Superintendent, Coronado
2010    Karl Mueller  Principal, Coronado High
            Doug Smith  Principal, Helix Charter

            Lenora Smith  Principal, Clairemont High

2011    Sarah Sullivan  Principal, Pershing Middle
             Paul Robinson  Rancho Bernardo High, Poway USD
             Karen Childress-Evans  VAPA Director, SD Unified
2012     Angelica Lopez Principal, Ocean Knoll, Encinitas
             Michelle Irwin  Principal, Thurgood Marshall Middle School
             Robin Ballarin  Director, Curriculum,  GUHSD

2013     Mitzi Lazarraga Principal, SCPA, SDUSD



Awarded to the theatre programs that have shown excellence in theatre education and community involvement. (Not presented yearly)

2009  Coronado School of the Arts
          Valhalla High School

2010  Clairemont High School
           Mira Mesa High
           Mission Hills High
           Montgomery High
           Steele Canyon Charter

2012   Horace Mann Middle School
           Thurgood Marshall Middle School
2013    Pershing Middle School

            Orange Glen High School

            Carlsbad High School

            Grossmont High School




Presented to retiring SDTEA Board Members in recognition of their contribution to the organization. (not presented yearly)

2013   Charlene Dibelka



Academic Excellence Award

Community Star Award

Servant's Heart Award

Standing Ovation

Distinguished Theatre Program

Rookie of the Year

Hall of Fame Award

Administrator of the Year

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