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The DiversityWorks Committee of SDTEA invites you to participate in a facilitated series of discussion forums August 4, August 18, September 15, and October 13 at 3 pm to address our social climate and the way we want to respond to some things and be proactive with others, in our classrooms. 


SDTEA believes we need to have some difficult conversations-some of them uncomfortable - about what we have been doing in our theatre classrooms, what we have been putting up on the stage, what decisions we have been making, why we do what we do, and how we can do it better.


Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, Queer Rights, Immigration, Antiracism, White Privilege, Gender Rights, and every equity issue that has been brewing in America forever is probably going to be something you will discuss in your classroom virtual or face-to-face because it’s definitely on your students’ minds.


Let’s meet up August 4, August 18, September 15, and October 13 to chop up pressing issues like play selection, the voices we appropriate and put on stage, decolonizing our classrooms, and any other tough stuff you have in mind.


Please fill out THIS Google Form to receive an email for the zoom link.


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